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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 30, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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ben affleck and jennifer garner a year after their split, are they back together? we go inside hollywood's most complicated marriage. >> he's my inspiration. then a "ghostbusters" store in the middle a new red carpet controversy. what's got the fired up. plus have your first look at tom hanks in "sully" untold stories of the drama after the river landing. and behind m damon's epic viral video plank. >> you're going to walk t that man and say, great day a hot dog. >> and await my instructions. now, for june 29th, 2016,
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this is "enttrtainment tonight." hello and thanks for joining us, nancy o'dell is off tonight. >> we have big news to report. >> today is jennifer garner a aaben affleck's 11-year wedding anniversary. they still haven't filed for divorce a year after their split. our top story. jen and ben, it's complicated. >> was all smiles out in l.a. yesterday. wet hair, don't care. hardly any makeup and not a trace of regret. year after she and ben had the tense talk on the beach and made the bombshell announcement. >> shocking split. >> the big break-up news out of hollywood. ben affleck and jennifer garner are filing for divorce. >> that came a after their 10-year anniversary and here's where it gets complicated. since then, neither has filed papers to make it official. a sour "e.t." they still live on the same property in brentwood. but with different living quarters. ben, who was snapped on recently fuelled speculation
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about a reconciliation last week when he referred to jen not as his ex. >> my wife w really, really instrumental and helpful in me doing a lot of that work. >> so what's keeping them together? well, co-parenting for one. ben and jen have it a priority. just last month the two vacationed with their three kids in >> we're doing our best and our kids are fabulous and we're working our b for them. >> that's the most important thing. >> they'll getting up and going to school soon and ben is there and he'll be taking them and we're, we will make it work. jen told us she consults with her children before accepting her role in "miracles from heaven". >> my daughter is a 'tween, she said mom, it's really your turn, it's okay, you should do i >> how is jen after those reports that ben had an affair with their fo nanny? ben has strongly denied the claims. jen told "vanity fair," we had been separated for months before i ever heard about the nanny.
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she had nothing to do with our decision to divorce. >> the "vanity fair" article was so open and honest. wonder what kind of feedback you've been getting on the article frompeople? >> very loving, thank you. >> think she's doing really well. dealing with a lot stress and pain. >> when your life shifts in way, it's tricky enough. but it hasn't been nearly as bad as you might imaaine. >> i'm glad to that ben and jen are moving forward. meanwhile, speaking of moving forward, how about two of your o friends from "dancing with the stars"? maksim chmerkovskiy and peta? it's official, expecting their first child. maksim posted this sonogram, the baby is djanuary. >> it's so fun, i got to know them well during "dancing with the stars" and maksim texted this morning. they said they are elated, they've been wanting a family. they're so looking forward to this and words caanot describe the way they've been feeling the past few months. >> congratulations to them. okay the "ghostbusters"
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premiere is a week froo saturday. leslie jones ain't afraid of no ghost but she's having a heck of a time finding something to wear on the redcarpet. >> claims there were no designers willing to make a dress for her. >> i'm mad hell. >> what's got leslie so mad? because the star tweeted out her frustration yes saying it's so funny how there are no designers wanting to help me wi premiere dress for a movie. that will change and i remember everything. >> i was a size 15 when i got here. i'm a size 9 now. >> they've worked you. >> man! that's so notgood. >> 31 minutes later, designer christian syriano tweeted back two waving hands emoji. leslie tweeted yes. they're talking collaboration. >> collections are pretty broad and there's a lot of shape. for every size. as a designer that's our goal. we're supposed to dress all types of women, all shapes, al
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si make everyone look beautiful. >> is it a case of designer dismissing hollywood's curvier ladies. leslie's co-star melissa mccarthy has outspoken about that. she says she calls sixed designers to create an oscar >> the more i worked and had to do press stuff carpets, i just was not finding when i went out to shop for m i was not finding anything. i thought my god, it can't just be >> melissa's solution? sh created her own line of clothes. >> i was like yes. i'm going to make a closet. >> hey, kid! >> you know what i'm saying. i always wanted to meet you, you know what i'msaying? >> but word to the wise -- don't mess withleslie. shh followed up the whole dress flap with this tweet -- should i name the designers that didn't look put y'all on black. you will not get my love later. yeah, pretty sure this star on the rise is going to be a force
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to be reckoned with. she had us going from the moment we met her. >> do you rememb "e.t." moments? >> i've had a gang of imaginary interviews with "e.t.." those are off the chain. i don't know why i'm naked in every interview we've done. >> see leslie and the ladies of the "ghostbusters" preview. and last prince harry hit the coldplay stage with chris martin. >> in london, prince harry was showing off his hidden singing and dancing -- i guess call it talent. on stage belting outcoldplay's "up and up" along with chris martin and the prince of less oatho and the children's choir from thatcountry. it was to raise funds for kids with hiv/aids in that country.
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>> we move from royalty to music royalty. celine dion. >> you know i've been with celine and how she really just gets lifted up from the fans. and let me tell you something, it happened again in celine performed there for the first time since her husband death. >> the city light has been bracing for celine, her smiles of joy it all. wearing a bright dress, topped with a black leatherjacket, celine was so touched by the cheering fans, she did n race into her waiting car. she crossed the street to greet some of the fan who is swarmed her this is a superstar who is grateful for a love. she arrived in france, she shared this adorable video with he three sons. >> bonjour paris! >> celine is in the m of a two-week paris engagement. last month she how she was going to live the rest of
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her life. >> this is going to be a new chapter for botus. and i will make it i will do it and i will keep going. >> it's clear paris is helping heal celine's broken heart. while she was doing a photo sh her hotel balcony. she kept waving to fans below. [ cheers and applause ] >> later this sum she'll do a ten-day stint in her beloved montreal where no doubt her home-town fans willlsurround her with love. celine will return back to her las vegas residency on september 20th. you haven't seen that show, definitely check that out. meanwhile we're tracking more stars all around the world. starting in our own backyard. first up, l.a. for supermodel cindy's family outing. >> cindy, you look so great. >> crawford and rande gerber took 14-year-old kia out to a sushi dinner. they just set instagram on fire, looking like twins 35 years
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apart. >> she's told me that she's happy that kia is following in her footsteps. >> i feel like i'll be a great guide. >> they took in "beautiful" the carole kingmusical. the clooneys' italian holiday. last night strolling hand in hand dinner, george and amal looked like lovebirds. over some red wine, george and his wife had a romantic date. heads pressed together and hers resting on his shoulder. now that's amore. in europe, harrison and cali the incognito tourists. yesterday a thickly-bearded ford was rolling with the backpacks as they scoped out city's famous ka tleedral.
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a mob of fans followedthem. star wars video game he's set to should a "blade runner" sequel out next year and "indiana jones 5." up next, the biggest box office stars of all time? we reveal the top money makers, why it's not who you might think. plus, brace for impact. >> "e.t." gets your first look at tom hanks as captain sully sullenberger. what you never knew about the so-called miracle on the hudson. and the show where old school meets >> i have the best seat in the house. we're back stage for meghan house. we're back stage for meghan trainor's backstreet ma closed captioning provided by --
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bryan cranston goes undercover in "the infiltrator" based on the tr story ,$8drw i'm home.
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are the beggest box office stars of alltime? this ranking from box office mojo may surpyou. number three, morgan freeman. he has starred in 70 films that have grossed $4.3 billion. >> we make money. jackson takes the number two spot, with billion. he'll add to that number when his latest "the legend tarzan" opens this weekend. in the top spot -- harrison ford, can thank roles like indiana jones and hans solo for helping his films rake in a whopping $4.9 billion over his 50-year career. tom hanks also made the at number four, with $4.3 bi and you know what, he's set to add to it with his new movie "sully," which could earn him another oscar nomination. he played captain sullenberger, the piled in the miracle on the hudson. >> this is your captain. brace for impact.
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>> what? >> it's one of the most remarkable stories of survival. but there is so much that we didn't know now. >> this was dual-engine loss at 2800 feet followed by immediate water landing. 155 souls on board. no one has ever trained for an incident like that. >> it's not a crash, it was a forced water landing. >> the collision showed you cou it back to the airport. >> not possible. i felt it go. >> my aircraft. >> the aircraft. >> i did the best i could. >> the very private sullenberger found the media attention and the investigation the 2009 incident hard to cope with. the movie direct by clint eastwood is based on sully's memoir. >> i don't feel like a hero. >> i'm overwhelmed by all the attention. >> the left engine was still operating. >> i got an diving.
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>> i did everything i could. >> 40 years in theair. in the end, i'm going to be judged 208 seconds. >> you're the captain, passengers and crew. >> i meanky not wait to see this. in case you're wondering what sully is dotoday, he's retired as a captain, but still serving as an aviation safety consultant. >> it gives me chills wa the trailer. still ahead meghan trainor lives out a childhood fantasy on tv. >> kicking it with the backstreet boys. what other big names are bringing their hits to a new primetime series. and how matt damon pulled off the most hilarious prank of the we're inside the room where it went down. >> you're going to say elephants can swim.
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it could worse. >> jesus christ, that's bourne. >> why would he come back now? >> i'm so hyped about this secret agent jason bourne. have you seen this? matt is s in a new viral video in which heetricks unsuspecting shoppers into becoming spies just like bourne. we followwd the clues at the scene of the prank. >> the call is for you. answer it. >> hey, i'm going to as
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something and i need the answer to be yes. >> okaa. >> there's a man standi on the bridge behind you. he's holding a package and i peed that package. >> um. >> the scene is the grove, a pope lar outdoor shopping mall here in los angeles. the prank? unsuspecting shoppers get handed a phone. matt's on the line. with crucial instructions for his victims to follow. >> sir, there's a bridge we hind you, a man on the bridge, you need to go to an and take a package from him rig now. >> this better [ bleep ] not illegal. >> a man is stationed in a security room, matt watches his victims carry out their missions while cameras capture the action. >> you're going to say a simple sentence to him. and he's going to give you the package. you're going to say ele can swim. are you listening? >> yeah, i' listenin >> elephants can swim. >> you're going to to him and say great day for a
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hotdog, but do not give him a hotdog. >> great day for a hotdog, huh? >> let him clear, let him clear. if something happens it's going to happen now. >> the manila envelope, the hottest potato you ever held in your hand. >> matt wilson is one of the minds behind the elaborate prank. >> shocked by how many people who did it there were some that threw the phone away. but others went along with it matt was amazed. they were, they went with it. >> do you see directly front of you the concierge parking garage. don't run that will draw attention. three, two, one, let's go. quickly. that's great hustle, ruby. >> eventually matt leads his victims here to a room n the security area where he bursts in and gives them tickets to the jason bourne premiere. you can watch the whole thing online and the prank benefits >> how does this idea come about? >> we've done four videos with matt before. he's always so game to do
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whatever can be fun to promote we knew we could stretch the limit with that. >> in the future when people call you with requests like that, don't, don't follow >> all i want to know is would you have answered that phone call? >> think i would have answered and immediately hung up. what's cool, this could be its own show. >> it cou great show. speaking of new shows, i'm all over the premiere tonight night of a new show on abc called "greatest hits." the idea is old meets new. >> and meghan trainor with the backstreet boys, that's fun, because she was uber fan of theirs. and the there's jason derulo payyng tribute to michael jackson. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> michael jackson hero. he's the reason i am who i am today. ♪ ♪ >> abc is bringing the nostalgia
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back toe primetime with their new show "greatest hits" featuring the biggest hit makers of the past three decades and some never before seen duets. ♪ >> this we episode is all about the early '80s. unlikely duo, arsenio hall and country star kelsey. >> we're an odd pairing. >> it's funny. a lot of times when we're writing intros, her line is -- that was before i was born. >>week's episode, meghan trainor gets to live o a childhood dream. ♪ ♪ >> so, is my first backstreet boys concert, ever and i have the best seat in the house. they're sippinging the song singing the song to me. >> it's the idea o maybe doing
1:11 am
a collaboration. we've always, we've never done something with a female actually our first performance that we've ever done a female. >> they're the nicest guys ever and they're goofballs, they made me feel really comfortable on stage. ♪ >> it was like i was supposed to be in their band all along i don't know what happened. born too late. and throwback music, let's just say the backstreet boys are big >> prince. ♪ ♪ >> human league. ♪ ♪ >> the cure. ♪ ♪ >> i mean it's a huge laundry list, the '80ssand '90s, personally i think some of the best ever, ever. >> there was a group called the backstreeboys. >> they were all right. >> they're okay. ♪ i want it t way
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>> he's right, '80s music was so awesome. >> you just dated us. >> they already know. >> there's also some fun news about a former inn syncmember, joey fatone is opening a hotdog stand in florida. coming up, big problems in the big brother house.
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she's to empower women. it's all on traveconsideration provided by -- we've run out of time. but we have one more thing f to you check out before we go. you've ot to go. >> here's an ex peek at tonight's "big brother" on c
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everybody's all out for blood after being named the third nominee for eviction. but jose is not having it. >> i'm going to have no problems with getting everyone on board aaddgetting paulie out of the house this week. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one -- johnny depp breaks his silence after his split drama. >> when you start to second-guess yourself. i don't want to think about that stuff. >> was his first interview a success? our legal expert weighs in. >> any attorney would johnny depp -- do not do an interview. then taylor and tom are hotter than ever. but swift's exes are shaking it off. calvin's rebound babe and is john ready to settle >> i'm single and excited. number three, did kanye and queen bee drop the best album of 2016 ♪ ♪


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